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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Opening for the 29th March 2021

The plan is for the A1 pits fisheries to open again on the 29th March at 6:30am  

Please Note: Absolutely no families turning up as they will be turned away, this will be reviewed as restrictions are reviewed on the 12th April but at this time the restriction is one angler plus one other to a maximum of two people total.  

The Angling Trust statement on fishing in England from March 29th  

After what has been described as “intense discussions with government officials” the Angling Trust is delighted to announce that we have confirmation that all forms of angling including night fishing, charter boat angling and match fishing will be able to resume from March 29th under new Covid guidance for the return of outdoor sports and recreation.

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook welcomed the news saying:

“Following our Fishing out of Lockdown submission to the Cabinet Office in February we have been pressing for the lifting of the restrictions placed upon angling through lockdown, in particular night fishing and match fishing, when the time is right.

“We made it clear to the Government that recreational fishing has provided a valuable lifeline for many thousands of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds throughout this pandemic. It has been conducted safely and responsibly with strong Covid secure guidelines in place covering every aspect of our sport

“I’m pleased that the multiple benefits that angling delivers have again been acknowledged and that we can all look forward to a return to the angling opportunities we were able to enjoy last summer and autumn.”

In common with other outdoor sports, including golf,  the Angling Trust is publishing initial guidelines to help clubs and fisheries prepare for a full return for angling at the end of the month. These guidelines will be revised once the regulations are published but they include written confirmation from both the Cabinet Office and Defra. Further information will be published in due course on the Sport England website.

Angling Trust Head of Policy, Martin Salter added:

“The return of outdoor sports was fully expected from the 29th March but we had to make sure that the civil servants recognised that match fishing to the Angling Trust guidelines doesn’t constitute ‘a gathering’ and could resume safely.

“Night fishing was always going to be tricky ahead of the promised return of camping on April 12th but I’m pleased that the distinction with ‘fishing into or through the night’ has been recognised and that these anglers can now enjoy the Easter break. Likewise for sea anglers wanting to book a charter boat trip.”

Angling Trust statement on fishing in England from March 29th:

Following the Angling Trust’s February 11th submission to the Cabinet Office making the case for a relaxation of travel restrictions and a return to all forms of angling – including night fishing, charter boat angling and match fishing – we have been having intense discussions with government officials who are drawing up the new guidance for the return of outdoor sports and recreation for the next relaxation in the Covid restrictions due on March 29th.

The Angling Trust is pleased to announce the Cabinet Office and Defra have now confirmed to us the following from March 29th:

  • Fishing will remain permitted as outdoor recreation or exercise for up to 6 people, or in a larger group if everyone present is from the same two households.  A ‘household’ can include the support bubble linked to that household [if eligible].
  • Outdoor recreational activities and exercise may take place at night so you may fish into or through the night. There are no time limits on outdoor recreation. However, you may not go on holiday to go fishing or use fishing as a pretext for a camping trip as overnight stays for these purposes remain prohibited until April 12th (Step 2)
  • Match fishing will be enabled as an organised outdoor sport from March 29th. Organised outdoor sports will not be subject to the gatherings limits, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies to ensure appropriate steps, including risk assessments, are taken to make it Covid secure in line with the law. At this stage, these gatherings must only include participants – not spectators.
  • Private boat fishing under the Rule of 6 and charter boats operating in accordance with Covid precautions should now both be allowed. However, where fishing takes place on a partially enclosed boat (eg with a cabin or lounge area) with the exception of the skipper, those outside the household support bubble must not go indoors (except for access to/use of the toilet).
  • The statutory stay at home restriction will be lifted but the guidance will encourage you to minimise travel outside of your local area. This means avoiding making unnecessary journeys, combining trips and avoiding travel at peak times where possible. People should avoid travelling further than is reasonably necessary to take part in, or during, their activity.
  • Tackle shops and other ‘non-essential retail’ can fully open at Step 2 (April 12th) but can continue to offer click/call and collect until this point. Fisheries offering self-contained accommodation such as campsites and holiday lets, where indoor facilities are not shared with other households, can also reopen at this time.
  • Throughout, anglers must also ensure they are in possession of a valid fishing licence, adhere to fisheries bylaws including the close season (March 15 to June 15 for coarse fishing on rivers) and have permission of the fishery owner.

Although the regulations are yet to be published we fully expect them to align line with both our guidelines and the FAQs published by Sport England today (18/3/21) which can be found here.

The Angling Trust will update its formal guidelines once we have seen the regulations and had the benefit of legal advice. In the meantime, and with this caveat, we advise angling clubs and fisheries to plan on this basis.

Fishing out of Lockdown: Angling Trust’s February 11th submission to the Cabinet Office and DCMS – download here

Angling Trust statement on fishing in England from March 29th – download here

Friday, 6 November 2020

Christmas closing times 2020 

The Christmas closing times are as follows 
The Christmas closing times are as follows 
Closing: At 16.00hrs on the 1st December 
Reopen: Saturday 2nd January 

Please Note: All dates are subject to weather permitting

Please follow the guidance when visiting the A1Pits complex 

Fish safely, locally and respect the ‘rule of two’ during lockdown

Having now examined the government’s new Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations the Angling Trust is pleased to be able to offer some initial guidance and interpretation to anglers and fishery providers. Our formal guidelines will be published following further consultation with colleagues at Sport England and DCMS once Parliament has debated the regulations today and passed them into law.

Overall the Angling Trust is pleased that ministers have recognised the value of allowing angling and some other forms of outdoor recreation to continue through the forthcoming lockdown period. However, the new rules are more complicated than we had hoped and anglers should be fully aware of what we can and can’t do in the next 28 days.

How to Fish

The regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us. The tightening of the rules on ‘gatherings’ means that match fishing or any other organised fishing event is prohibited by law during lockdown. However, competitive fishing will be able to resume once there is a return to the three tier system of restrictions.

On this basis we can announce that all Angling Trust competitions are suspended for the period covering 5th November – 2nd December 2020.

Where to Fish

Angling is deemed a permissible form of ‘outdoor recreation’, and a lawful reason to leave home. It can take place, without time limits, within the provision allowing people  “to visit a public outdoor space for the purposes of open air recreation”.

A ‘public outdoor space’ is defined as an ‘outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise).’ We believe this clearly includes riverbanks, towpaths, beaches and stillwaters that can either be accessed freely or on the payment of a day ticket or subscription levied by the owner or leased to a publicly available fishing association. The government clearly intends for people to be able to take their outdoor exercise and recreation in the form of angling and these regulations allow this to occur.

Fisheries are not on the published list of businesses that the government has ordered to close and there is no reason that they should do so providing that they operate in accordance with the rules

It does not permit club outings or organised amateur sporting activities of any sort. All indoor or social facilities in any way connected with a fishing venue must close or refer to the relevant Government guidance. Fishing tackle shops, whether onsite or not, can only operate a ‘click and collect’ service.

Travelling to fish

Whilst the government have chosen not to write their travel guidance into law we are urging anglers to respect the advice which states that it is permissible to travel in order to:

“to spend time or exercise outdoors – this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)”

Put simply, you can travel to go fishing but long journeys should be avoided ‘wherever possible’. Sea anglers should focus on their local beaches and fishing marks and freshwater anglers should not be travelling hundreds of miles in search of fishing during lockdown. It is up to the individual to apply common sense and act within the spirit of the government’s guidance. You absolutely cannot leave home to fish if you have Coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating.

Added after clarification was given by the Angling Trust - Travel to a venue in a vehicle with someone from outside a social bubble or outside a person’s household is not allowed, you can however meet up with someone at a venue following social distancing rules.

How long to fish

There are no limits on the time that can be spent on outdoor recreation which means that anglers are able to continue fishing into and through the hours of darkness providing the other rules are observed.

Fishery Management

Essential fishery management work, which clearly cannot be undertaken from home, can continue as can any necessary, socially distanced working parties fall within the provisions for ‘voluntary work’. Appropriate risk assessments must be in place and numbers should be sensibly managed.


This is going to be an extremely difficult period for everybody and as anglers we must recognise that we are fortunate that our chosen form of recreation can continue even though there are restrictions on what we can do. The Angling Trust made the case for fishing based on the health and wellbeing benefits that angling offers coupled with the importance of reducing pressure on other open spaces by allowing us to continue to safely enjoy the social isolation and peace that fishing brings. It is incumbent on us all to continue to act responsibly and to fish safely, fish locally and respect the Rule of Two.

Source and gratitude for the guidance to Angling Trust 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020


The A1 Pits will be opening tomorrow (13th May) at usual time. Fishing only, no recreation. Please remember we are not a camp site we are a fisheries, so please adhere to the government guidelines. Below are both our rules and the rules from the angling association to try and keep everyone safe. please adhere to these rules. Thank you.
Please Note: this is Anglers ONLY no visitors or guests

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How To Find Us

From the A1. Exit A1 at the B6325 / Newark. 
At roundabout, take the THIRD exit onto B6325. 
Turn LEFT onto Church Lane. Through the village then straight after the railway lines turn Right into fishery. 
Access to the River is by the same route just keep going past Pit 6 and take the right hand fork.
For Sat Nav's or Route Finders, enter the postcode: NG23 6EQ 
Contact (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433

Rules And Information


  • The use of permanently fixed leads or bent hooks are not allowed.
  • Unhooking mats should always be used for any fish.
  • Rods must not be left unattended.
  • Minimum breaking strain of reel line is 12lb.
  • No peanuts on any of the lakes, no tiger nuts to be spodded out on any lake, all particles must be prepared correctly under no circumstances should dry particles be used . 
  • No fish to be taken away or introduced and no fish to be transferred to other waters on the complex, without permission of the owner. 
  • All litter, even the smallest items are to be taken home, and anyone found with litter near them will be held responsible for it and will be banned.
  • Junior anglers on site under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
  • The use of bait boats is strictly prohibited at any time. 
  • Open fires are not permitted anywhere on the fishery. The use of barbeque equipment is. however it is your responsibility to ensure the ground is not burnt. 
  • All embers and remnants of the barbeque must be removed from the fishery. 
  • All fishermen must hold an Environment Agency rod license, or two licences if three rods are being used and must obey the Environment Agency by-laws including close season regulations (river only). Environment Agency Bailiffs are welcomed onto the complex on a regular basis. 
  • People enter the site for the purpose of fishing only, and are on the property at their own risk. 
  • Fish care, please ensure the return of all fish as soon as possible ensuring fish have sufficiently recovered before release, especially with Barbel during warmer months when oxygen levels are low. Please see Barbel Society Handling Code
  • The use of breakaway type sea fishing leads are banned.
  • No braided mainline except spod and markers.
  • Shockleaders must be used when fishing at range.
  • Firearms/Guns - Shooting is strictly prohibited on the A1 Pits complex. At NO time, in NO situation, should anyone bring a firearm to the site. 
  • Anyone found with a firearm of any description will be banned immediately! 
  • Please respect the boundaries on the A1 pits side of the river not fishing on the opposite side, this is an issue especially near the 'sunken barge' but not exclusively 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Complex Prices

Prices for Fishing:

  • £15 Per Day
  • £20 Per 24 Hours
  • £35 Per 48 Hours
  • £50 Per 72 Hours
  • £95 Per Week - 6 Days 7th Day Will Be Free
  • Fourth Rod £5 Per Day
  • Caravans £10 Per 24 Hours

River Trent
  • £10 Per Day
  • £15 Per 24 Hours
  • £25 Per 48 Hours
  • £35 Per 72 Hours
  • £45 Per 96 Hours
Contact (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433

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