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Tuesday, 24 March 2020


The A1 Pits will be opening tomorrow (13th May) at usual time. Fishing only, no recreation. Please remember we are not a camp site we are a fisheries, so please adhere to the government guidelines. Below are both our rules and the rules from the angling association to try and keep everyone safe. please adhere to these rules. Thank you.
Please Note: this is Anglers ONLY no visitors or guests

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How To Find Us

From the A1. Exit A1 at the B6325 / Newark. 
At roundabout, take the THIRD exit onto B6325. 
Turn LEFT onto Church Lane. Through the village then straight after the railway lines turn Right into fishery. 
Access to the River is by the same route just keep going past Pit 6 and take the right hand fork.
For Sat Nav's or Route Finders, enter the postcode: NG23 6EQ 
Contact (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433

Rules And Information


  • The use of permanently fixed leads or bent hooks are not allowed.
  • Unhooking mats should always be used for any fish.
  • Rods must not be left unattended.
  • Minimum breaking strain of reel line is 12lb.
  • No peanuts on any of the lakes, no tiger nuts to be spodded out on any lake, all particles must be prepared correctly under no circumstances should dry particles be used . 
  • No fish to be taken away or introduced and no fish to be transferred to other waters on the complex, without permission of the owner. 
  • All litter, even the smallest items are to be taken home, and anyone found with litter near them will be held responsible for it and will be banned.
  • Junior anglers on site under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
  • The use of bait boats is strictly prohibited at any time. 
  • Open fires are not permitted anywhere on the fishery. The use of barbeque equipment is. however it is your responsibility to ensure the ground is not burnt. 
  • All embers and remnants of the barbeque must be removed from the fishery. 
  • All fishermen must hold an Environment Agency rod license, or two licences if three rods are being used and must obey the Environment Agency by-laws including close season regulations (river only). Environment Agency Bailiffs are welcomed onto the complex on a regular basis. 
  • People enter the site for the purpose of fishing only, and are on the property at their own risk. 
  • Fish care, please ensure the return of all fish as soon as possible ensuring fish have sufficiently recovered before release, especially with Barbel during warmer months when oxygen levels are low. Please see Barbel Society Handling Code
  • The use of breakaway type sea fishing leads are banned.
  • No braided mainline except spod and markers.
  • Shockleaders must be used when fishing at range.
  • Firearms/Guns - Shooting is strictly prohibited on the A1 Pits complex. At NO time, in NO situation, should anyone bring a firearm to the site. 
  • Anyone found with a firearm of any description will be banned immediately! 
  • Please respect the boundaries on the A1 pits side of the river not fishing on the opposite side, this is an issue especially near the 'sunken barge' but not exclusively 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Complex Prices

Prices for Fishing:

  • £15 Per Day
  • £20 Per 24 Hours
  • £35 Per 48 Hours
  • £50 Per 72 Hours
  • £95 Per Week - 6 Days 7th Day Will Be Free
  • Fourth Rod £5 Per Day
  • Caravans £10 Per 24 Hours

River Trent
  • £10 Per Day
  • £15 Per 24 Hours
  • £25 Per 48 Hours
  • £35 Per 72 Hours
  • £45 Per 96 Hours
Contact (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433

Saturday, 21 January 2017

About Us


11 years ago my brother who although having lost a leg loved to fish the A1 pits and River Trent died suddenly at the age of 45 from a heart attack, he had set up a forum to help fishermen come together and share tips, help and captures several years before, at the time I wanted to pass the forum to someone who also loved the place but all I got was some sharks wanting to take it to use to sell and promote products for their own interests having little or no interest in the place.

I finally decided to continue it myself as the only options I had were to pass it to people willing to jump into a dead man’s shoes to turn a profit, or close it which I know my brother wouldn’t have wanted, the only other people who wanted to unfortunately didn’t have the technical ability to run a server and maintain the forum software.

I have never made a profit from it or tried to on the contrary while the forum was running it was costing me in the region of £1000 a year, I finally closed the forum part of the website due to people wanting to use the Facebook group more and posts had dropped off to the point it was too high a cost to pay for something hardly used apart from gleaning information.

I have never received a penny from the owners of the A1 Pits nor have I ever asked as I never wanted the forum/group to feel censored or obligated not to allow something to be posted or demand something negative be removed, I hope this clears things up for a few people who didn’t know.

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