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Pit 6 Info

Pit Six the final pit on the complex is the biggest with depths ranging from a few feet     to around 25ft in no fish corner. The main features in this pit are the two main gravel  bars which run from the railway bank to the a1, there are other features to be found in there from silt patches to gravel bars and during summer it can contain a lot of     weed in places.

There are around 30 pegs including double pegs and with pit 5 this is considered a specimen lake with the biggest fish in the whole complex both with Carp over 40lb, it also contains Pike, it still has a few bream left from it being drained and netted (see albums for pictures) and moved into pit 4, it contains Chubb to over 7lb, Perch to   around the 4lb mark and the odd silver fish.

The minimum line is again 12lb and bait restriction are no peanuts, this pit does not allow the use of keepnets.


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