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Q. Any take-aways that deliver to the pits?
A. Newark Pizza & Kebab Newark: 01636 610353
Bodrum Pizza & Kebab Newark: 01636 612555
Grilliano Pizza & Kebab Newark: 01636 673016
Indian: The Raj 01636 707060
Chinese New Island: 01636 704410/683838
Chinese Dragon City: 01636 707888
China City 01636 702417
Red House 01636 703549

Q. Can I bring a caravan?
A. Yes they are charged at an extra £5 per day

Q. Do you have any toilets?
A.Yes but must kept clean, anyone found damaging them or misusing them will be banned for life

Q. Can you park your vehicle behind your swim/peg?
A. Yes, but keep off the grass when wet

Q. Are lures / spinning allowed on the fishery?
A. No

Q. What time do the gates open/close
A. This can be subject to change during winter and holidays so it is best to check by Contacting (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433

Q. Is A1 Pits a syndicate?
A. No

Q. Can I bring my dog with me while fishing?
A. Yes under the strict understanding it is kept on a lead, all 'mess' is cleaned up and removed and it is under the owners control at all times.

Q. How do you pay to fish a1 pits ? Does a bailiff come around
A. Set up on your peg a bailiff will come around at some point for the money.

Q. Are bait boats allowed on the Pits?
A. At this time bait boats are banned

Q. Can I email you for information and help?
A. The best information and most up to date can be obtained by ringing (Bailiff) Steve on Tel:07970209433 I would advise doing this as it will be the normal reply to an email


  1. Do you allow guests that aren't fishing? Looking to book somewhere that my boyfriend can fish for a weekend and I can chill out with a book :D


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