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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

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The A1 Pits will be closed until further notice, everyone please stay safe and we will see you all on the other side.

It has been brought to the attention of the owner yet again that rubbish was left in the bins in the cemetery on Sunday, the owner has been visited by the vicar and local council and anyone leaving litter/rubbish in the cemetery from the fishery will be prosecuted, The bins in the cemetery are for use for the disposal of old flowers removed from graves not rubbish from the fishery,anyone seen leaving rubbish in or around the cemetery will be dealt with by the council and also banned from the fishery for life.

Local residents and people who help around the church will be watching and taking note of vehicle details, and anyone going into the cemetery leaving rubbish from the fishery, yet again I have to post about this problem,you bring it with you, you can take it home a cemetery isn't the place to leave your rubbish whether it be in the bins there or not. The local council and residents are sick of this happening and so is the owner of the fishery,some people just have no decency and respect for anything nowadays

RIGHT people i've had a phone call from steve today regarding the litter problem in and around the village of north and south muskham being left by angler's who visit the complex.. The owner of the complex mr J burnett has received a letter from the local council regarding thisa meeting has been held today to see what can be done to stop this problem

The outcome of the meeting is anyone who leaves litter in or around the area
of north or south muskham village will be prosecuted by the local council
who will push for the maximum sentence available.

There may even be surveillance cameras erected in certain area's to catch the culprits in the act
and again will be dealt with by the local council accordingly..

Anyone who is caught will also be banned from the fishery for life and will be named and shamed on the forum and also facebook site..

Another thing to come from the meeting was the hiring of a skip if the problem continues,if this does go ahead the prices will be increased to cover the cost of hiring a skip which is very expensive which i believe the prices would increase to £20 for 24 hrs which at the minute is £15 for 24hrs.

What i will ask is if anyone see's anyone leaving litter in or around the fishery or local villages to contact steve or if im onsite to contact me so we can deal with immediately ..

Contact number for Steve is 07970209433

Contact number for me on Sunday Monday is 07788937102

John and James are also aware of some vehicles driving around the complex to fast , Please remember families also visit the complex with young children John as said anyone caught speeding around the complex is to be asked to leave the complex immediately, and wont be welcome back onsite..

The speed limit around the fishery is 10MPH please stick to the limit it's there for a reason and not to be abused.....


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