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Saturday, 21 January 2017

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11 years ago my brother who although having lost a leg loved to fish the A1 pits and River Trent died suddenly at the age of 45 from a heart attack, he had set up a forum to help fishermen come together and share tips, help and captures several years before, at the time I wanted to pass the forum to someone who also loved the place but all I got was some sharks wanting to take it to use to sell and promote products for their own interests having little or no interest in the place.

I finally decided to continue it myself as the only options I had were to pass it to people willing to jump into a dead man’s shoes to turn a profit, or close it which I know my brother wouldn’t have wanted, the only other people who wanted to unfortunately didn’t have the technical ability to run a server and maintain the forum software.

I have never made a profit from it or tried to on the contrary while the forum was running it was costing me in the region of £1000 a year, I finally closed the forum part of the website due to people wanting to use the Facebook group more and posts had dropped off to the point it was too high a cost to pay for something hardly used apart from gleaning information.

I have never received a penny from the owners of the A1 Pits nor have I ever asked as I never wanted the forum/group to feel censored or obligated not to allow something to be posted or demand something negative be removed, I hope this clears things up for a few people who didn’t know.


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